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Credit Ratings

Rating Agency Date of Rating Rating (Rs. in crore) Rating Action Rationale
Long-term Bonds Bank Borrowings
CARE 05.03.2021 A+ Outlook: Negative (681.50) -- Reaffirmed CARE
Brickwork 21.06.2021 BWR A+ Outlook:Negative (791.24) BWR A+ Outlook:Negative (1150.00) Reaffirmed Brickwork
ACUITE 02.03.2021 AA- Outlook: Negative (300.00) -- Reaffirmed ACUITE

Investor Contact

Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.

4th Floor, Tower–1, NBCC Plaza,

Sector–V, Pushp Vihar Saket,

New Delhi - 110017


[email protected]